my likes and dislikes about the game (spolilers)

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ok so...I just finished the game about to jump onto new game plus, I love the batman series, its probably my favorite super hero comic, anyway got some spoliers here so if you havent beaten the game then shove off
Soo...what happened to black mask being the main bad guy? gameinformer before the game even came out was all about this game and how black mask was the main bad guy and how they wanted to focus less toward the joker when looking down the rabbit hole I see at the was all about the joker again! and a little of bane too if anything I felt bane was more menacing then the joker even. So why did they turn this around? I thought black mask was suppose to have a hit on batman but no it was just joker posing as black mask (shocker)! my problems with the game is that they were suppose to go back in time to batmans rookie years of being batman. I suppsose though they skipped over year one batman and went to year three? because apparently they said he had been doing this for two years? Well..they hardly showed batman being green in the field, like honestly they had one scene where he accidentally chokes a guy out then the rest of the game seemed pretty smooth sailing. His interactions from the super villains seemed dull and uninteresting, through the game you hear from thugs that batman is just some legend creeping in the shadows well how come most of the super villians just didnt seem to give no cares? "oh batman, hey there hows it going? what? your going to stop me?! good luck with that haha lol" seriously thats all I got ._. but yeah black mask in my opinion should have been the bad guy. when batman first started out he had to deal with the corrupt police (that was pretty accurate) the mafia (like the falconies) and black mask whos empire was at its peak before the super villians showed up.....soo all in all my beef in the story is batman doesnt seem green enough, the spotlight was casted on the wrong villians, and honestly I liked the story of arkham city better.
if you have some opinions on my comments above well I'd like to hear them, who knows? I might admit your right
what I liked about the game: well the combat of course! for some odd reason I get hit more then I do in arkham city, they said batman was suppose to be more brute forced? what ever that means I really didnt see it.
other then the slight batman giddyness I diffently have more beefs with the game then I do likes but its batman...gotta love him right?

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Yeah, I was mad at the "bait and switch" employed in the story too. Should have known it would be Joker again. He's a great villain but I'm getting so freaking sick of him being the main villain in EVERY Batman game. In the sequel to AC, it would not surprise me at all if they bring him back from the dead; in fact I'm counting on it. It will be interesting to see how they do it.

You're supposed to get hit a lot in AO because they tweaked the combat and made it harder. Enemies can attack you in mid-animation, enemies attack quicker, and you spend most of your time countering and nothing else. At first I thought I was off my game, but I checked myself in AC again and I found I was in fact in line with combat; so it is the game, not me. Not to mention they require to use the variation bonus which is a crock. I have many high scores in AC without a variation greater than x4. I attempted a Black mask challenge map and got my head handed to me by the end of the 3rd round. Couldn't get past a multiplier of x4 because enemies kept attacking too fast and when I was in the middle of attacking. Broke my combo. While countering 3 thugs, the enforcer hits me and I can't evade or defend because I'm countering 3 thugs. broke my combo. That was it for me, I'm done with the game. I will go back to DCUO while I wait for the sequel to AC. If they had left combat alone, like they said they did, this game would have rocked.

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Yeah I was very upset not only that Black Mask wasn't the main villain, but that his side mission was so weak. The final confrontation against him was far easier than getting past the guys on the boat to get to Penguin's lair.

It seems Joker was just a story filler to twist the plot, with the toughest villains being, Deathstroke, Bain, Firefly, Deadshot, and Penguin, in that order. Another thing I didn't like was the Datapacks were boring to retrieve vs the Trophies of Arkham City, and I was expecting a challenging physical puzzle at Enigma's hideout when all were retrieved. Arkham City had several rescue puzzles that kept it interesting.

Now granted the battles with Deathstroke, Bain, Firefly and Deadshot were better than they'd had in previous games, but they also built up this 8 badass assassins thing, only to find that half of them were so easy they were almost boring, and it seems they actually substituted main Batman villains for assassins, by the look of the most wanted menu.

It's probably still a better game than I thought WB Games Montreal could pull off, but I like Arkham City better. It's campaign was longer and more diverse, it's extras were WAY better, and it was really cool being able to play as Catwoman.

I've yet to try most of the challenge maps or New Game +, but there's no way this title can leave me as satisfied as I was with Arkham City, which I got a lot of hours of enjoyment out of. Arkham City is by far the best in the series I think.

That said, I'm glad they didn't make all the major boss fights require hard to reach gadget quickfire keys like Arkham City did. That got kind of annoying.

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This is sort of off-topic, but what do you mean by the following:

"I'm glad they didn't make all the major boss fights require *hard to reach* gadget quickfire keys like Arkham City did. That got kind of annoying."

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If you play the Deathstroke boss fight and the whole Royal Hotel with Bane boss fight included, and you still don't like it... then this game is not for you!