Can't start Mad Hatter mission (Glitch)

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Okay so on Arkham Origins (PS3) done all the sidequests (Riddler Trophies, Black Mask, Penguin etc). The one sidequest I can't do is The Mad Hatter side mission, which is really annoying because I'm close to completing single player 100% and I can't do it.

So Basically if I go to the most wanted mission page and go into Hatter's section, and when I set it as my main objective, upon returning to the main overworld/main map the objective is gone and I can't do it. If I go to the Hat Shop, the Door entering it is locked and I can't access it (nor can I hear the voices of Hatter). I've downloaded all released patches but I still can't do it, and by this stage it is highly doubtful I can access the mission, but is their any alternatives? I know it's just one side mission, but it irks me that I'm so close and at a loss.