Arkham Origins Cryptographer help!!!!!

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I don't know what is going on. I beat just finished with anarchy and deactivating all 3 of the bombs. The indicator tells me to go on the roof and beat up some cops by the satalite looking things. When I go into this I have already decoded these coordinatoes its the GCPD SWAT devision signal but its still all fuzzy.( 573, 799) I have 4 total broadcasts decoded. Police Radio, Liberation Radio, and GCPD dispach. Did I miss something? When the game automatically goes into the cryptograph I Can't do anything because its already decoded.

When I exit the cryptograph the game freezes every time. (this part it is suppose to tell me to go to Lacey tower with the gaurds on the balcony) But it freezes and i can hit the buttons to highlight his gadgets but that is it) Nothing happens. The . I tried so many things. Doing other missions and coming back, fast traveling, going into the door but its locked. I don't know what is going on. I thought I did everything.

Please Help!