100 to 1 Challenge, perfect fight.

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The game got bugged, even do i got slow motion last hit,
there were 3 more enemies left who newer appeared :)

Enjoy the fight, the game, and the music.

Music used:

Darksiders 2 - Guardian song

Sonic Racing - Golden Axe theme

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I made the mistake of trying this challenge early on before acquiring very many upgrades.

Can you tell me how this challenge works? In other words, how is each of the 100 points allotted?

It seems like it took too long just to get 1 point.

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This is an endurance match: you have to fight until you're defeated or until you manage to defeat all 100 opponents (1 point for each enemy defeated). Medals are won after you score a specific amount of points (like in standard combat challenges).

Here's a "100 to 1" combat challenge I found on Youtube, made by a guy owning a channel called "BatmanArkhamVideos": check this video out, this guy is a real master with Slade, I'm waiting to see him playing as Batman! Plus, he also made awesome walkthroughs for the first two titles of the Batman: Arkham franchise...

here's the link to the video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fubOePJ-d4o