i shouldn't be alive and play this game.i'm so sorry joker.

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Ark ham City is a true superhero game sequel to an amazing original game as well. The game leads off after the original when AA is shutdown. The inmates are then transported to Arkham City, where things get even worse involving a series of villians such as Hugo and Joker. The whole entire story in this game is very well written and the voice acting is practically perfect especially the Joker. The gameplay in this game is smooth for the majority besides a couple of minor flaws that really don't mean much. The next thing, the graphics, are beautiful and will suck you into the game. One minor flaw with this game though is it's only about 8 hours long in story mode. But that's not an issue because there are a handful of side quests and 400 Riddler tropheys scattered across the open world.
Overall this is a fun and engrossing experience that should be had by any that enjoy the Batman universe.
and remember this Best comic book game in all of the world.