Arkham City is worth a wait and FANTASTIC action adventure

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PS3
So finally today we have arkham city in our hands and i was lucky to get the copy earlier and after playing for about 10 hours i am completely speechless.The game improves on every single aspect that made arkham asylum such an epic........keeping the mind blowing story aside i dont know how much it will take to finish the story but the fun i am having right now in solving riddler challenges is irresistible.The involvement of characters as the story progressess is a treat for batman fans and what to say about COMBAT which is all set to blow players away it was simply awesome.The character design and production values of the game are superb......One word 'EPIC' and by all means game of the year...............This is my first ever review for a game and i dedicate it to ROCKSTEADY.........Thank u soo much for giving us Arkham City