WoW! Rocksteady does it agian!

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
I really liked Arkham Asylum but I love Arkham city! they really push the series a bit further this time around, The graphics are about the same but with a little more details this time it's a bigger open world that is Arkham city... for a bit it felt a little overwhelming but as the game went on i felt more freedom then from the first game. Game play and controls are just about the same with more combos, moves and gadgets it's soo many moves that I don't even know even after finishing the main story, The best part is their are a lot more villains like Freeze, Strange,Penguin,Two Face Etc...with joker Qinn and Riddler returning. The story is a lot more compelling this time, not that the story in the first one was not good but the story in AC haves different Twists and plot turns. Also the game is a little more Tougher then the first one, Even after you beat the main story it's still a lot more things to do in the game like side missions and Challenges...This Is defiantly one of the best games ever made! and must be played by any batman fan, Action adventure fan, hardcore gamer and Casual. Really Can't wait to see a 3rd installment of these batman games! until then I'll keep playing more and more Arkham City.