This is the best game ever and is worth playing, although I do find it sad at the ending...

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman is one of histories best superheroes. Although I think he is the best of all of them. He doesn't have any superpowers, but he does have knowledge.
And with knowledge, he can do almost anything, especially be the best superhero that ever existed!

This game is all about Batman trying to stop supernatural villains, solve crimes and kick some but. The characters are great, especially when you get to play catwoman. There are a few new combat moves along with some new gadgets as well.

"But I can't reveal to you what happens at the end, you'll just have to find out yourself." This was completely worth the wait and I'm sure the next one will be will be just as awesome as the last two and maybe even better.

To play Batman in this game is completely something to be grateful for.

So I recommend you play this game, take your time and savour every little bit. And if you already did, then I hope you fully enjoyed it .
And don't worry, I'm sure the next sequel will arrive pretty soon.