User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
After around 2 years, Batman has returned and this time in a bigger, more dangerous and exciting world!!!
Batman arkham city takes everything great from batman arkham asylum and takes it to a whole new level.
You have more combo's in the combat, still the great stealth parts but with great music to make it more intense, more great gadgets that I won't spoil for you, great charcters that I won't spoil for you, great plot, story, visuals and voice acting that again, I won't spoil for you ;)!!! Whats great about this, is that's an open world game in a massive city to glide around and beat up thugs and criminals with loads of great side missions to keep you busy once you've completed the main story. As many of the side missions that they're are, they will only keep you busy for so long so once again like in AA, the riddler has placed 480 riddler trophies, challenges and more around the city and you need to find all of them!!
At a certain point in this game, you'll come across the riddler in a church. Once you come out of the church and from then onwards you'll see people around the city to interrogate and find out where riddler has placed some of his trophies. While playing AA we all felt like batman and felt that nothing could make you feel like him more, well we have been proven wrong in this game!!
Once again, you simply must buy this game!