Batman is back with some new gadgets,same old combat style ,a brilliant new case and a lot of bad ass**

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City PS3
The action in Arkham City takes place 6 months after the incidents of Arkham Asylum(in game,,although,it's been more than a year between the 2 games),,Bruce Wayne aka Batman is fighting to free Arkham City of various psychopaths who have been bought from the asylum,to imprison them in the city,when he gets kidnapped by Dr. Hugo Strange who tells him of some protocol 10,,which is actually the main case in this edition of an exciting game series.
The game features the same combat mechanism as its predecessor(batman doesn't play with guns,,and uses his martial arts techniques + various gadgets to neutralize his enemies),except for some new combo moves and defense techniques,,and it's quite enjoying ,though repetitive,however,in the last few missions it really becomes hard and is enjoyable!!!!
Gadgets are almost similar to the previous ones,but there's addition of some new cool ones(like the freezing one,the electric gun and the weapon modulator,which really make the game more interesting),,but shuffling around them makes u feel like a real batman!!!!
Story's again good,and quite unpredictable(just like last one),and keeps u focussed onto the game,to find out what's actually being planned!!!!!
The backbone of the game is it's depth of characters(just beautiful) and a lot of Batman Rivals(we have 2 face,Catwoman,Penguin,Ras al Gul,Talia,Mr. Freeze,Harley Quinn,The "Joker",Dr. Strange and some more(in the side quests),,which make it really an interesting game to play!!!
The side missions are really superb,some having interesting plot behind them,and adds an additional bonus to this gr8 game!!!!
Now the bad part-repetitive combat(similar to asylum),too short game(even shorter than asylum),and a pretty bad ending(deaths of some important characters in the end-i didn't like it),decrease the value of the game a bit,,but it's pretty enjoyable even if u aren't a B-man fan!!!!!
So go grab a copy and get in the suit!!!!!1