This is one of the few games out there that will make your jaw drop

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
I bought the GOTY edition that had all the add-on components.

Arkham Asylum was an excellent game though a bit too dark for me with all those psycho villains. Arkham City isn't as dark which was very good. It continues with the superb graphics, music, sound effects, voice acting, gameplay and really fast load times.

It still puzzles me how they can have such a beautiful looking game that loads as fast as it does!! I think it's just really good coding. These guys clearly put a lot of love into the game as you can see that the details, the character stories, etc are researched and pieced together nicely.

I did feel that the game was a shorter than the first one but the add-ons made up for it. Especially Harley's revenge... it was cool playing as Robin!

I'm not sure what the Nightwing thing was all about though?!

Whether you're a Batman fan or not, this is a game that you will appreciate and I highly recommend playing it.