A True Masterpiece

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman Arkham City delivers an awesome,intense,strong gameplay giving you the ability to go to the depths of the heavy fortified city of Arkham. This game give the players the ability release their inner Batman in a City with only one rule '' survival of the fittest '' to allow them to face the most horrific yet strongest Batman foes. starting from Two Face passing by some gruesome enemies like Solomon Grundy and Clayface all the way till reaching The One And Only The Joker even after beating It it wont leave you empty handed there are alot of stuff that you would like to do like side missions that will reveal more and more of batman enemies also there is Riddlers puzzles and just like Arkham Asylum there are challenges that will keep the players busy for some time

Awesome,Detailed well designed City

Intense Soundtrack that gets the player in the game

Just Like Arkham Asylum Combo Hit Style but with Batman gadgets who cares

The Epic Finale of the Arkham series A must boy Masterpiece if you are not a fan of the series this is the right time to be.