Better than Arkham Asylum, Batman is more lethal than ever, More comic book Villains, Excellent story and side Missions!

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Arkham Asylum was one of the best game ever made on the xbox 360 by it's own right. Arkham City greatly improves on everything good from that game. Batman has a few more new gadgets this around so he's capable of defeating his enemies in variety of ways that prevents the fighting from ever getting boring. There's also a Catwoman side missions that adds an intriguing storyline. This Riddler's trophy are actual a real challenge this time just to obtain, which adds a real sense of accomplishment when you do it.

Let's start off with the story. There's a ton of thing going in Arkham City, with the Penguin, Joker, Two face, and other Villains all committing crimes in various part of the City. Batman will be soaring around with his cape all over Arkham City trying to stop these Villains, where the story eventually interconnect. And then there's the side the missions, which are plenty and very enjoyable and has a very good story element to it too! There's a ton of things to do, that's why this game will be good to the end.

The game play is excellent and a upgrade to Arkham Asylum. Since Batman is in a city, he now has access to high structures and buildings, he can now soar around, attack from mid air, and do a ton of things he couldn't never do in Arkham Asylum. There's also a ton of new gadgets like the ability to freeze a person or stun them with a electric gun, just to name a few. Batman can also unlock several new combo moves that makes him even more deadlier when he has to fight 10 or more thugs. Unlocking the Riddler's challenges is probably one of the most enjoyable part of this game, because it will require thinking. Basically, you will have be able to Master Batman abilities to be able to complete all of Riddler's challenges, which is require if you want to continue to play Riddlers side missions. The Boss fight in this game are fairly easy, even on hard but I don't mine it, since this is a very long game to finish.

The graphic in this game is flat out outstanding and eye catching. You will definitely feel like your in a real city just like Grand Theft Auto, although in a much much smaller scale and filled mostly with bad guys. The bad guys through out the city don't really look that much different, but all the Comic book Villains like Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Two-face just to name a few, looks fantastic.

Overall, this game is a can't miss. Easily one of the best game ever made in any console, where all elements of the game are outstanding. Which is great Graphics, very Challenging, and enjoyably fun to play.