Even from my cynical point of view of late, I enjoyed this game.

User Rating: 8 | Batman: Arkham City PC
I haven't really enjoyed games as I use too. Nothing really feels like it deserves my attention very long, not that I really have that much more to do. Games these days usually leave me with a sour taste at best but Batman: Arkham City was genuinely fun and engaging enough that I got sucked in and played the main thing the whole way through and I'll probably revisit it in a couple days to finish up some of the side missions.

The strong point of this game is Batman; mysterious, rich, cool, tough, tall, nough said. Tie him in with this game's combat; a smooth and simple mechanic that's really nice to look at, and you got a fun game to play. The thing I don't like to think about too much is the story and characters. Like I said the strong point is Batman, that's mainly because if it wasn't Batman you wouldn't care about him or any of the other characters; Batman is distant, no Bruce Wayne to give any real human element, saving generic cop #7 isn't that engaging story wise, etc. Throw it all in the Batman universe and each of us will probably be able to use our past experiences with Batman to care a bit though.

What really stops me from rating the game the 9 it probably deserves is that I feel absolutely nothing towards my main character. Not a gamebreaker but I couldn't help but feel like Batman was a full on robot. All the emotion is done out of cut scene (as in we never see it), I'd explain further but spoilers.

If you've been feeling you haven't been getting your money's worth of games lately like I have, pick up this title. It's around $30 and its a fun ride.