This game is everything Arkham Asylum is, only one level higher in every aspect.

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Two years after the release of Batman Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady returns with Batman Arkham City, a game that is built on the foundations of its predecessor and takes it even further. This time, you get an even bigger game world, even more enemies, side missions, better and more advanced gadgets and of course, more Batman. The only letdown is that Scarecrow never got to make an appearance, except for a few easter eggs that most people missed. However this game brings back Batman and his enemies for a rerun of the previews one with more and more improvements. The combat gameplay has been improved showing off exactly why Batman is such a badass and the stealth gameplay comes back to place Batman exactly where he belongs the top. Boss fights are somewhat easy, which is the only letdown of the overall experience but at least boss fights are not limited to a few henchmen and a couple of giants running at you. The voice acting is again excellent and leaves with the question, "how did they manage to top the Asylum?", but thankfully they did. Arkham City is an absolute masterpiece from the beginning to the end, providing multiple playable characters and even more challenge maps, more and improved gadgets, interesting storyline as the previews game, and improved gameplay in combat and stealth, making itself the best Batman game out there and the Asylum, second best.