Usurps the throne from Arkham Asylum as the greatest Batman game ever made.

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City PS3
At first glance, Arkham City looks to be a cheap cut and paste of the original award-winning Arkham Asylum and to my pleasure, this is not even close to the case. Arkham City is a part of one of those growing trends in recent gaming in which sequels are not just as good as their predecessor, but they build and improve upon them. It is with this that it's my pleasure to tell you that this game is on par with Uncharted 2 as one of the best sequels ever.

You play once again as the Caped Crusader as he attempts to shut down the newly made Arkham City. When beginning the game, the conflict of the story appears right before you as Hugo Strange, who, (besides the Joker), can be argued as one of the main antagonists this time around. In this game, Hugo Strange knows your true identity as Wayne and Batman must find a way to stop Strange from unleashing his mysterious Protocol Ten while containing his secret. This is where I stop with the story as to avoid spoilers.

Gameplay wise, Arkham City is similar to the previous game as it's fast paced and combo dependent when it comes to fights. Unlike the aforementioned Arkham Asylum though, the replay value increases exponentially as you not only get to switch between Catwoman throughout the game to complete her missions, but challenge maps are aplenty and they can be completed with Nightwing, Robin, Batman, or Catwoman. It should also be mentioned that the game includes a wide variety of side missions that, (along with Riddler trophies), are bound to keep the player engaged long after the main campaign is completed.

In short, Arkham City takes the best features from Arkham Asylum and throws in new features which ultimately leads to a game that's very well worth playing.

Graphics - 9: The graphics in this game are amazing and if you ever get to playing the PC version they are practically one and the same.

Gameplay - 9: The highly addicting gameplay from Arkham Asylum makes its grand return here and brings along a few hours of side missions as its friends.

Sound - 8.5: The atmosphere in the game is great and that is mostly due to the great sound accompanied by it, which adds tension to the Dark Knight's plight.

Story: 9: A great plot including various appearances by some of Batman's greatest archenemies and that'll have you wondering what is truly going on within Arkham City.