Batman Arkham City was fantastic. It's very immersive, and the gameplay mechanics are simple enough for all to enjoy.

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman: Arkham City


-plenty of nostalgia with familiar villains

-gameplay mechanics are similar to that of the first game so controls that are simple and not too complex

-combat as well as other control (with the slight exception with walking) are smooth and with combat the moves are great to look at with each hit as satisfying if not more satisfying than the last

-the voice acting is phenomenal with the return of Kevin Conroy as Batman and the greatest and most memorable performance done by Mark Hamill returning as the voice of the Joker

-Fantastic music that fits the mood and setting


-so many villains yet so many aren't very important in a role or have any impact on the main story

-stiff movement when only walking

-in game cutscenes/ character dialogue are better but still have rather stiff personality including facial expression or emotions

-Boss battles are incredible and unique compared to Arkham Asylum however most fights can end up being too easy


The story takes place in the middle of winter where Bruce Wayne is holding a rally for the shutdown of Arkham City. Arkham City is a currently cut off area of Gotham City for the criminally insane. This area was set up by Quincy Sharp the warden of Arkham Asylum back in the previous game (Batman Arkham Asylum) who has now become the Mayor of Gotham. Arkham City is packed with criminals and especially from Arkham Asylum as well as the Black Gate prisoners. Not to mention a number of villains from Batman's past. With all this villains and criminals a "war" within Arkham City would arise between Two Face, the Penguin, and Joker. The real mastermind behind the construction of Arkham City is actually Hugo Strange and as the player founds out in the beginning that Strange is well aware that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one in the same after having guards raid Bruce Wayne's rally, arresting him, and throwing him into Arkham City. With this knowledge Hugo Strange threatens Bruce that if he were to try and stop him he would reveal to the world Batman's true identity in addition to initiating a plan he calls "Protocol 10". Once the game starts your job as the caped crusader is to discover the secrets the city has to offer and put an end to the madness.