Must say as a fan of Arkham Asylum that rocksteady has yet to dissapoint and have surpassed my expectations. good show

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
If u have played Arkham Asylum then the gameplay shouldnt feel too foreign, if u havent what have u been doing with ur life? They actually build on the combat system giving batman various ways to punch people in the face and also various ways to sneak up behind someone and punch them in the face in predator mode. Now u may think this would make the game too easy but this is counteracted with giving the enemies more weapons and more awareness to ur actions in predator mode and in game mode plus they remove the pre warnings for attacks in combat. graphically the game holds up pretty good even putting in details like batman getting snow on his cape as he glides across the city and they also fix little gaming inconsistencies like the invisible wall with machine gun fire. Do i need to say anything about the voice acting? Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamell reprising their roles and as the Batman and Joker respectively and whole other cast who's names i dont know) do their jobs fantastically. Finally the gets dark pretty fast i will say that much and the climax will leave u breathless and drooling in anticipation for the sequel (Batman: Arkham World?)