Right out of a comic book with triple the fun!

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City X360
This game is a great sequel to Arkham Asylum and they added just about enough improvements to make it feel superior. To start with-let's talk gameplay, namely the "free flow" combat system. The idea was already a stroke of genius in the first game but the new game holds an even stronger version. Now, Batman can attack more than 1 thug at a time with interesting and surprisingly compromising moves. Some of these new combos even look like something right out of the Matrix! The only downside to these is that as Batman's blindspots disappear; his martial arts style becomes less realistic and more comic book-ish.

I honestly would've preferred that his fighting style stayed realistic but the new BS attacks aren't too BS that you would throw the controller at the screen and feel like one of your best friends got raped. No, in the end as much as we would like to bring these heroes to reality; they are still just comic book heroes. And in that sense, he's just more Batman than he ever was before. Then we get to the storyline, it goes down easy like a slice of cheese cake. You bite it and it is just delicious but if you eat too much of it-you'll get sick. The story is not bad, it's actually one of best I've seen in any game. The only problem is that story is the only thing that's fun about it.

They have side missions too but they're not done well enough that they would feel like stories in themselves like they should. And what's worse, Arkham city in itself just doesn't feel big enough for one bat and one cat to roam around. A small portion of the city is destroyed and submerged in water making exploration of the city all the shorter. When you get to the subway station, you can get to the sewer and from the sewer; you can see Wonder City. Ahh...so that's where the 2nd half of the city is! The costumes you can buy are nice distractions too but to be honest, the best costume available is the one you get for free. Batman Inc. A realistic version of the classic crusader.

Hands down, this is easily better than Arkham Asylum. More moves, deeper story, more villains, more costumes, more of a reason to go back and play it again and has more vintage for any fan of Batman. Not of the Dark Knight? You'll BECOME a fan! It was worth every penny and I think I speak for everyone when I say: "This Batman series should continue!".