Batman once again very well adapted by Rocksteady, in what to today is the best game based super hero already made.

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham City X360
Batman: Arkham Asylum greatly surprises, an excellent HQ-based game, Batman: Arkham City so it's almost a masterpiece, manages to outdo its predecessor in virtually every aspect, with beautiful graphics, good storyline, the game is open world , And the map is great, has several new videos, such as Mr. Freeze, and has the cat woman as playable, and she is very agile, the soundtrack is very good, gameplay works very well, has the missions of Detective that is very interesting, continues with the difficult moments, and needs to think a little to pass, and use Stealth mode, and the Joker is one of the best viloes of the game without doubts, with a spectacular voice work, the game has some Bugs, and sometimes the gameplay sins, the camera sometimes gets in the way, and I did not really like the end of the game. Note 93