For Batman fans as action lovers alike

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PC

Arkham Asylum had earlier laid the foundations of what it takes to make a Batman game. Puzzle solving, stealthy approaches, chaining up large combos in group battles and fantastic boss fights. With lots of collectables and unlockables.

Arkham City build on that formula and unleashes a game that can do no wrong. This game has everything one might expect from a sequel of a gripping game like Asylum. A star studded ensemble of characters, brilliantly layered and detailed levels, tons of bonuses and game with a story that will stay with you. Forever.

The events of the game follow that of its predecessor, with an island of Gotham city being allotted to Arkham Asylum and its inmates, hoping to control the chaos. On the contrary, criminals seize their new found freedom to wreak havoc on the city and its remaining civilians. Its now up to Batman and his allies – yes, there are allies and playable characters in this game – to somehow handles everything together and beat the evil from its core. There are ample villains from the comics that will occupy you with their various schemes and plenty of gadgets to help you crack them. All DLCs aside, the core game has enough material to last a whole lot of time.

Travelling through the skyline of Arkham City you’ll find plenty of item to collect and puzzles to solve which will subsequently unlock rewards in the game, something any fan boy would love to see. The city is beautifully detailed and filled with activities which will draw you to just rope in at times and spend your time navigating outside missions.

The missions itself are pretty long and rewarding at the end. Each will leave a thread which will all sew up at the end for the big finale. The character models are fabulous and Batmans antiques will leave the civilians in awe of his abilities.

One drawback though, is the game pretty much takes the entire mechanics from the previous game. Walking, flying, fighting feels exactly the same. Then again, that’s where the new characters come in. Each of them, in the challenge missions you’ll find, have perks and traits which will make him or her exclusive from the rest. Yet, each are so well developed, neither will ever feel inadequate to complete an objective. The Batman stands out from them, just maybe because he is meant to have everything.

Your time in Arkham will be spent fighting well enacted bosses and their henchmen, solving puzzles left behind by the Enigma of crime Riddler, and often simply jumping from rooftop to rooftop, carving out a new niche for your glory in the eyes of the inhabitants of Gotham. But as i said, a superhero game, a Batman game, can hardly get better than this..