The best batman game ever!!!

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
With a game like Arkham Asylum, which was amazing, it's really tough to follow up with a bigger and better game. But Arkham City proves us wrong and makes not only a better game but one of the best. Batman returns in this classic where all of the top villians are locked in a chunk of the city of Gotham. Arkham City is a cold and dark place run by Professor Hugo Strange. Batman is captured and placed into Arkham City and now he has to shut down Arkham City down all while at the same time stopping the Joker from poisoning Gotham. Along the way, you'll face some of Batman's biggest enemies such as Penguin, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, along with villians that comic book fans would know like Calender Man. This all done with impressive visuals, slick character animation, and fantasic voice acting, espcially by Mark Hamill's Joker. If you played Arkham Asylum, then you're familiar with the gameplay. Arkham City offers new combos, new gadgets, and endless possibilities to take down enemies. You can now counter more than one enemy's attack now which is useful because you'll be facing a ton of enemies at once more than one time. But that doesn't mean the game is frustrating. Controls are slick and responsive and the game never gets too hard for new players. Stealth is just as fun as ever with even more possibilities of silently taking down enemies. After you complete the 10 hour campaign, there is plenty to do afterward. You can find and solve The Riddler's 700 trophies and riddles. Most of these puzzles require master puzzle solving and are a joy to accomplish. The Riddler even has his own separate side mission in the game. There are side missions for Batman to do and Challenge Mode and Predator Mode make a return to keep the player busy for many more hours. Batman Arkham City is a rare gem in a near perfect package. If there is a 3rd installment in the series, Rocksteady will have a lot to accomplish. 10/10