Batman Is Freaking "" Awesome "" And Cat Woman Is "" Sexy "" As Hell !!! What More Do You Want ??

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition PC

** Batman Arkham City **

* I Would Have Never Thought This Sequel Would Out Smart Its Predecessor The Batman Arkham Asylum !!.

* It Even Makes Batman Arkham Asylum Looks Smaller & Linear When Compare To Arkham City !!.

* Its An Open World Filled With Great Quest , Great Characters , Entertaining Side Quest, Outstanding Game Play & Wonderful Graphics With Excellent Soundtrack !!.

* This Game Is A Roller Coaster Ride For Super Hero Fans !!.

* This Game Is Magnificent And Outstanding In Every Way !!.

** Story **

* After The Events Of Arkham Asylum !! Bruce Wayne Involves Himself In Politics Regarding The Prisoners In Arkham Asylum Gets Loose On Arkham City And They Cause More Havoc !! During A Press

Interview Bruce Wayne Is Captured And Brought By Unknown Militants To The Arkham City As A Prisoner Himself !! Surrounded By Various Enemies And Criminals Its UpTo Bruce Wayne/Batman To Survie

And Investigate Whats Going On In Arkham City !!.

* Arkham City Delivers With Great Story & Great Characters They Are All Well Developed And Well Written Giving Us Interesting And Entertaining Main Quest And Side Quest !.

* The Story Is Again Filled Element Of Action, Crime, Mystery, Intrigue & Thriller !!

* The Story In This Game Is More Bigger & Darker Than Arkham Asylum For Sure !!.

* Its Well Adapted Screen Play Giving Us Rich Lore Details About Batman Once Again !!.

** Game Play **

* This Game Has An Outstanding Game Play !!.

* Combat & Stealth System In This Game Is Greatly Improved With New Developments !! During Combat The Fighting Sequence Will Be More Flexible,Stylish And Also Mixed With Various New Combos For

Both Attack And Defense That Can Be Used To Take Down Multiple Enemies !! The Stealth System Is Remains Same But It Has New Feature & Ability To Take Down Enemies !!.

* Fighting Enemies In This Game Is More Bad Ass And Awesome Than Arkham Asylum For Sure !! The Game Is Filled With Various Enemies With Differnt Attitudes So It Does Not Give You The Feel Of

Repeating !!.

* There Will Be Various Gadgets That Will Usually Help You To Reach Different Location & Environment !!.

* Using Gadgets Are More Efficient And Flexible During Combat ! By Using Gadgets You Can Performs Amazing Combos !!.

* Gliding Ability Is Greatly Developed ! You Can Glide Very Effectively Since Its Open World Enviroment !!.

* After The Main Quest You Different Side Quest That You Can Complete !!.

* In This Game Its Not All About Batman !! You Can Play As Cat Woman And Also Can Play Her Quest And Side Activities !!.

* There Are Various Items To Collect That Will Gain You Reward That Unlocks Artworks,Combat Arena & Stealth Arena !!

** Graphics And Visual **

* Once Again Arkham City Deliverers Us With Wonderful Graphics And Visuals !!.

* The Open World Of Arkham City Is Greatly Developed With Highly Detailed Graphics And Visuals That Makes Location,Environment And Characters Looks More Wonderful !!.

* Animation's Are Well Developed And They Give A Great Performance During Game Play !!.

** Soundtrack/Music **

* Soundtracks Are Awesome !!

* Background Theme Music Does Enrich The Game !!

* Main Theme Of This Game Is Awesome !! ( The Main Theme Is Being Used In Crime Reality Shows In South India Right Now !!)

** Conclusion **

* This Game Is Epic In Every Scale !!.

* It Knocks Out Arkham Asylum When Compared With Features And Development !! This Is An Epic Sequel That Out Smarts Its Predecessor Arkham Asylum A Great Game Itself !!.

* As I Said Before The Game Is Magnificent And Roller Coaster Ride For All !!.

** Rating **

* My Final Rating : "" Batman Arkham City (10/10) "" !!!.