I'm Batman. And, I'm in Arkham City.

User Rating: 8 | Batman: Arkham City PS3

A great game that expands on an excellent game. I actually got this game right away and started playing, but stopped due to distraction. I finally came back to it to finish it. Glad I did.

I originally thought I would be playing in an actual city (like Empire City or Los Santos), but Arkham City is an enclosed prison that's just part of greater Arkham. A little bit bummed about that, but where you get to play, it is a fantastic environment.

I liked the gameplay and thought that new "toys" were fun to use. Side missions helped to throw in some variety, and although most had the button-smashing fighting as part of the routine, each one was in a unique setting. I didn't find the storyline as engaging as Asylum (maybe why I set the game down for a while), but it was good.

Still one of the best superhero series out there.