User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PS3

The Good: Awesome story, very fun combat, excellent presentation, open world is fun to explore, great side missions, epic music

The Bad: Rough start, lack of direction can lead to frustrations

It’s been a while since I made a review on Batman Arkham Asylum. In short, I loved the game. It had a great story, awesome gameplay, great design, and all the secrets to find. My only true negative about the game were directed towards the boss fights (Especially the final boss, that boss sucked!). I got Arkham City a while back and finished it a week ago. I would’ve gotten a review out around that time, but I was on vacation and there was no Wi-Fi at my resort. Oh well!

The game takes place a few years after Arkham Asylum. The criminals have taken over Gotham. There’s violence everywhere, and no one is safe. Batman has to stop them. This game has a fantastic story with lots of twists and turns that are really hard to expect. It’s awesome.

As for gameplay, I must admit, I think it starts out kind of rough. At the beginning of the game, you walk agonizingly slow while guards beat you to death. And it’s hard to see where you’re going because the camera is pulled up too close. Later, you fight a whole bunch of guards while you’re chained. While chained, it becomes a pain to fight, but once they’re broken, then you are treated to the satisfying gameplay that is Arkham City. Arkham City has the same combat as Arkham Asylum, except with a few more combos. This isn’t a negative, because it is so much fun! The Arkham games have some of the most rewarding battles I’ve ever experienced in a video game.

What makes this game stand out over the predecessor is the open world of Arkham City. In Arkham Asylum, you had the entire insanity jail to explore. It was cool, but it felt a little small and cramped. In this game, you have an entire city to explore. Wide environments, lots of people and buildings to see, and lots of crap to do. Exploring this open world was one of my favorite aspects of this game, besides the combat. It really made me feel free.

The city looks great, too. It has a dark, almost unsettling atmosphere that really gets me in the mood for beating people up, which is always awesome. The graphics in general are great. Everything has lots of detail, and they are well textured. Any glitches within the game are hardly noticeable.

The music is epic. It’s heroic and uplifting, yet dark at the same time. It really sets the mood for fighting crime in Arkham. I have to admit, this game has one of my favorite soundtracks out of all the games. That isn’t saying a whole lot because I don’t listen to much videogame music and I haven’t played a lot of videogames (I’m young, shut up), but it’s still great to listen too.

Another thing I love about this game are the side missions. There aren’t very many (there are twelve, but I think it’s a good amount), but they’re very interesting with different stories, different tasks, and different Batman villains. It makes the open world of Arkham much more engrossing and useful than it could’ve been.

If there’s a true gripe I have with this game, it’s the lack of direction. There isn’t a lot in this game. Sure, it tells you instructions on what to do, but it doesn’t actually tell you where to go and how to get there. On one hand, it can feel accomplishing to discover where to go by yourself, but on the other hand, it can become a serious pain because you’re just lost. However, despite this gripe, it doesn’t bring the game down at all.

Overall, Arkham City is one of the most satisfying game experiences I’ve ever had. It takes the mechanics of Arkham Asylum and makes them fresh. And with the open world and side missions, it pushes the game to be better than the original. I’m betting you’ve played this game already, but if you haven’t, you definitely should. It’s that good.