A prime example how an open world game should be and it's with Batman!

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PS3

In the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum, the stakes are higher. This time around Batman isn't trapped within the asylum, but has to travel inside Arkham City. A city built for the criminals. This time around there are way more criminals in this city compared to the Asylum. The plot of this game is Hugo Strange finds out who the true identity of Batman and has a plan for him and Arkham City. There are also other villains like other big comic book villains that get in the way and try their best to stop the Dark Knight.

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All of the gameplay that was in the previous one has been improved upon compared to the first. The combat has more depth this time around with new stuns, new gadgets and just new moves for batman to utilize. There is more to use in the combat and that is also good to know, because there are new enemy type aswell where you can't attack them head on. You need to be smart in this aswell. There are more rooms with armed villains this time around aswell, and they are very well thought out, just like the first game. They are perhaps even better thought out in this game. You have more to experiment with and the enemies are also harder to take down, because they are smarter in this game. The game also offers a lot more to do in it because it is an open world game with a lot to explore in it. There is a lot of fan service to the comic books and you see most villains you could possibly hope to see in missions and easter eggs in this game. The progression system is as deep as ever and you can upgrade a whole lot more compared to the first game. It gives the combat much more depth combined with the new ways to take down enemies. The puzzles in this game are also fun to do combined with the platforming which has gotten a considerable upgrade where you can glide for longer periods of time and sling yourself towards on top of buildings while flying. The bosses in this game have to mentioned aswell, because they are so well constructed. They each have to be taken down in different ways. The boss that perhaps stands out the most is taking down Mr Freeze, because when you encounter him you have to use your whole repetoar of what you know and can do. Which makes everything relevent so far you played up to that point in the game.

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Joker and Strange pick it up a notch compared to the first installment. The inmates and Batman aren't the only ones at stake this time around. There are innocent lives at stake this time around where Batman has to save himself and other innocent victims from all the masterminds in Arkham City. The main story is excellent written and stays true to the characters all the way. There is a section towards the ending where things really pick up and everything is chaos. Batman has to figure out how he can save himself and still contiue to stop the plans of all these villains.

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The sound design is as good as ever with a great music sound track that sets the mood and the setting. The combat sound picture is also as good if not better in this game compared to the first game, and that is saying something. The game just does everything right in this perspective. All of the voice actors do an excellent job in this game. The story is driven forward by the excellent depiction of the voice actors and the fine script they are given to work with.

The graphics have gotten an overhaul in this game making the game more stylish. The city really stands out when you look over it from a rooftop. There has clearly been some really hard work put into this when it is this big of a world and yet they keep the feeling that you are still in Gotham and you are playing as Batman. The enemies and animations are also much better in this game which makes this game eye candy while playing.

All of the value comes from doing sidequests, puzzles, challenges and other things the game has to offer. There is just so much to do in this game that you get your a lot of value for your money when you are buying this game. Taking down badguys never gets old wether it is

Gameplay - 10

Story - 10


Graphics - 10

Value - 10

Tilt - 10