Arkhamverse? More like AWESOMEverse!

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City PC

Writing by Animated Batman's Paul Dini who draws on the darkest corners of the Batman mythos. A soundtrack pulled from the Nolan movies, and then chopped and screwed for a fresh familiarity. (I just made an oxymoron.) And no matter how dastardly the motivations of the other villains, it's that Batman/Joker body-heat that just builds and builds, doesn't it?

The combat is awesome. The travel is awesome.

Frustrated by some hideout entrances or riddler puzzles? Chill out, man. Take your time. Get to them when you get to them. After all, once you finish your first playthrough you can re-tackle everything WITH all your gadgets and a new Batman costume. That is AFTER the devs (minor spoiler) give you a little Catwoman break to cleanse your palette.

My only gripe might be that the (minor spoiler) center stronghold doesn't feel like it ever really opens up enough to Batman at the end. But as a fan of Greek, Egyptian AND comic book mythologies, I have to give this game a 10.

I look at Rocksteady's Arkham titles as little media revelations. You're not just playing a game, you're watching a great story unfold. You're not just watching a great story unfold, you're being the Batman (and Catwoman, too!)

PRO-TIP! Get your grapnel/travel upgrade early on by doing the virtual-travel challenges. It will make the open-world and sidequests a joy (rather than a chore. I'm serious about this.)

QUESTION! Unless I get paid to play video games, it's not really a "pro" tip. Is it?