Tyger chopper glitch

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I'm at the point where Bats has identified the helicopter with the master control program. So I grapple up there and download it, at which point I'm supposed to drop from the chopper and head on out to the tower entrance, right? Well, after the download completes nothing happens and I can't get Batman to let go of the chopper. None of the buttons works except detective mode, map, and pause. If I do nothing he just rides forever. Out of twenty tries I got it to work once, and right now I'm so frustrated I can't for the life of me recall any cutscenes or what, it just seems so long ago. Anyone else have this problem? I'd like to know since this glitch screws up replayability.:evil:

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Okay, no one is answering but I think I've isolated the problem. I began by disabling everything on the Services tab of the Windows Configuration Manager. Actually I started with the Startup tab, but that got me nowhere. Anyhow, when I did that I created new problems but the game started up faster than I've ever seen it.

There are over a hundred services on that tab, so I won't go into details, but I narrowed it down to four processes which, when disabled, enabled me to get past the glitch. these are picasa updater, adaptive brightness, snmp trap, and steam client service. Two of those are normal functions on my laptop and while the updater might slow things down a little, the only resource hog I know for sure on that list is Steam. So I enabled everything but that and the game still loads fast and the graphics run more smoothly than before.

Unfortunately, because of AC's autosave feature, I won't know for sure if Steam is the culprit without playing the game over because as soon as I successfully detached from the chopper the game saved right over the part I needed to keep in order to test it. As things stand, I suspect that Steam is responsible for many of the problems I've had also with Skyrim not running as smoothly as I'd like. It's a shame because I like the service.

I've no reason to think anyone else is having this problem at this point, but when I know for sure I will post it in case someone needs it.

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It's confirmed now.  Steam Client Server is definitely what was slowing me down and glitching the chopper scene.  I hope they iron out this problem in the future, but until then I will avoid games that run off Steam if at all possible.