This game or the first one.

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I just played the demo for this game and really like it. I have never played the first one should I get Arkhangelsk asylum first then this one?

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The first game is much more cohesive but this game allows more freedom and adds elements to the gameplay. Also, the story is kind of a continuation so you may be confused by some elements of the story here, although I don't think it would hurt you too much since you can read most of the history in the bonus content.

My advice: play Asylum first. Both are great games and if you played City and then decided to go back to Asylum, you might miss some of the new elements.

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i didnt notice an option for it in the title but i would highly suggest you get both. i mean, they dont make games this good. especially if youre a batman fan. the attention to detail is astonishing & a breath of fresh air in a stale gaming industry. AA will get you used to the gameplay (riddlers challenges,waynetech upgrades, etc) & objectives, which are alot more numerous in AC. not to mention AC picks up where AA left off, in terms of plot. these shouldnt just be goty, they could easily be got decade!! @ least give AA a try, because theres alot more dlc for AC.
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After getting used to AC controls I finally started playing AA in earnest. The gameplay in Asylum is not as linear as I'd feared, which for me is a big bonus. They are both open-world environments- that is, AH lets you wander freely around the world, though each area requires its own loading time- just AC is a lot bigger and the camera in AH focuses a bit closer. They are different enough that both are worth playing, but if I had to choose one over the other it would be Arkham City. If for no other reason than the ability to power glide through the streets. I just wish the game didn't demand so much from my video card. I have a powerful computer, icore 7 with 3gb geforce gtx 560 but still have trouble with the AR sessions because of choppy framerate. Even so, awesome game. Not many open-handed fighters in an open-world environment out there, and none this good by far!