New Rocksteady game

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I think that if rocksteady decides to get away from batman they should move on to the teen titans. It would be cool to see a teen titans game based off batman gameplay style. Rocksteady has said they want to do other dc projects.

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I would like to see a Teen Titans game in Rocksteady's name. It certainly would be fun to play as Beast Boy or Cyborg. I think it would also become something more kid friendly though. Not that it's wrong for that the show was pretty kid friendly, but it also had it's dark stuff and that's what made it awesome. If they could do that too in the game that would be cool. Also wouldn't it be cool if they made a Batman: Beyond game. They already included the batman: Beyond suit as an alternative in Arkham City. With a futuristic world where you play as Terry McGinnes and an elderly Bruce Wayne to help you. And you can actually fly around in an open world like in Arkham City. With the gadgets that he uses in the show like: shooting batarangs from the wrists, fingertips with spying technology, the cloaking ability, etc. And the villains from the show like: Inque, Derek Powers, Shriek, spellbinder and so forth. Also some returning villains that returned in the show like: Mr. Freeze and The Joker (probably no Mark Hamill sadly).
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Please a new game soon