Is Harley Quinn dlc worth buying?

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Litterally JUST finished downloading to Arkham City game off of Steam and having even run it yet. I know ill love this game because i loved the first Batman game. But before i download the Harley Quinn dlc, i wanna hear from others if it is worth buying or not. Also are the Robin/Nightwing and Catwomen dlcs worth buying?

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Nah, it's not worth it, it's very bland, add's nothing new and doesn't focus the slightest on things that would concern the overall story except from 1 or two eastereggs which open up more questions than they answer. It also doesn't add new challenge maps and is waaay overpriced.

The other DLC's, well, it depends, I had fun playing and trying them all on the challenge maps, but that's all where you can play them.

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Thats kinda lame. thank god i asked before buying them. Ive wasted too much money on crap games/dlcs lately so i wanted to ask before buying. Thanks alot

BTW, just finished Arkham City and it was EEEPPPIIIICCC!