is anyone kind enough to share a catwoman dlc code with me?:(

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so i recently bought batman arkham city on xbox360, started the game completely ignored the fact catwoman was playable cause i thought id still enjoy the game since i became a die hard batman fan (of the game atleast) since arkham asylum. now that i've finished arkham city, i just cant help but want more. and since i've bought the game second handedly, there is no code for me. could someone please be kind enough to share a spare code or somewhat for xbox360 to me? i'm pretty broke at the moment to even buy microsoft points. if you're able to share, ill be glad to help you in return with whatever you seek of in the future... i just really need a code..:) possibly inbox one if you have,ill be really gratefull.
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same here i need one as welll! :-)
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Need and want are completely different things.
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Need and want are the same thing when it comes to batman lol