Choppy gameplay at some parts.

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I'm getting choppy/laggy gameplay at times. Times I remember are at the beginning when you have to save Catwoman from TwoFace and also the Demon trials from the ras a gul part. Is this happening to anyone else? Any ideas how to fix it? I'm running on windows 7 quad core processor. Newest version of DirectX and Nvidia.
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I've been having problems with that too. As near as I can tell it has something to do with Steam Client Service, because when I disable it under the Services tab in msconfig the problem goes away. I don't know what you can do if you're running the steam version of Arkham City though.

The reason you're having trouble with the Demon training session is that it involves a lot of power diving, and power dives in AC are graphics intensive. This makes it real hard to do the AR training, as the swooping motion of coming out of the dives causes the entire city to come into view at wild angles and that's when the animation stutters. I've narrowed it down to four services, but Steam seems to be the only likely suspect to me, as two of the services (snmp trap and adaptive brightness) are normal functions on my laptop and the other, picasa updater, might slow things a little, but doesn't have anything to do with graphics or games at all.

What really ticks me off about all this is that I'd have isolated the problem by now if AC only allowed me to save my game without recording over it the minute anything happens. I know it's one of the four services because whatever was slowing me down also prevented me from detaching from the Tyger chopper after Batman Downloads the master control program. He would just ride along with the helicopter after that. When I disabled them the game would start more quickly and animations ran more smoothly, but the proof was being able to disengage from the chopper and continue the game. As soon as that happened I shut down the game, but autosave had already done its work.

At any rate, I reactivate the other three and AR training works fine. So if you're running AC off of Steam I suggest either living with the problem as is or spending the extra money at your local store and getting the game on DVD and disabling Steam Client Service.

I would also complain to Steam, as I'm pretty sure this is slowing down anything that runs off of it. Skyrim uses SCS even if you buy it on disc, and that game has mucho graphics glitches. They really need to do something about this

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Problem isolated.  Definitely the Steam Client Server.