Box Art for GOTY version is just AWFUL!! Let Rocksteady know

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So Game of the year version coming soon, at end of May, and just wanted to know if anyone else thought the box cover art was just plain awful. Seriously, it just looks like a magazine ad, no art at all, just nothing messages, its ridiculous. And they even have an expiration date on the cover, what kind of awful mess is that! Then it even has a quote from a Gamepro, a magazine that no longer exist. This is ridiculous, Batman deserves more, so lets let Rocksteady know by emailing them. Please. Its a great game that deserves a proper cover.

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Maybe, hopefully, if enough people message them, they will get the hint.


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Oh wow, too much clutter on this box art. What they should have done is just taken original box art and add "Game of the Year Edition" on it.

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I like that they used the alternate artwork but I don't really see the need for all the press quotes... seems a little "overkill" There was actually an article on IGN talking about how cluttered and annoying this cover is. *Edit: Here it is-
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press quotes overdone definately. especially with such an awesome picture i love it when games think out of the box pun intended with something like your character getting his ass kicked
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Ha yeah you barely tell that it says arkham city on it at all.
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i agree there s too much add looking like stuff on it, they should have put the bat logo on it  with nothing more

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The only reason the cover is cluttered is because it has some great reviews from people who actually know what they are talking about!
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Shouldn't all this text disappear after 31st March, when it will no longer be a GOTY as dlc expires and only regular game stays ? Some master mind stood behind this clearly.