Arkham 3 idea!

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New Idea, Knightfall anyone? How about Bane breaks out all the prisoners, and Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn all having their own gangs which have each taking over a sector of the city. They are all constantly at war, and batman has to singlehandedly take back each sector. Throughout all of this Mister Freeze is brooding and making plans. Nora was destroyed by thugs after Batman left the warehouse. Each time Batman takes back a sector, we get a cutscene of Freeze conspiring to himself and after a few, Freeze gets to work on a new machine. When Batman leaves the cleared out Sector 6, Freeze surprises him and completely freezes him in an icicle. At this point, we assume the control of Robin or Nightwing (who was introduced and used earlier at some point) and swoop by, knock down Freeze and melt down Batman. A cutscene triggers, and Freeze screams about how Batman killed Nora. Batman tells him the truth and Freeze doesn't believe him, so a battle occurs, with Batman as the player and Robin helping him. Robin gets knocked out and Batman takes Freeze on his own. Eventually, Batman wins. An exhausted Batman returns to the batcave, where Bane awaits. A battle ensues, and nothing Batman can do works, no combos, nothing. Nothing registers. After 15 seconds or so a cutscene of Bane breaking Batmans back triggers. The game ends with a broken bat! Again, this is just the plot, not new innovations, but what do you think?
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Knightfall already happened in the Arkham Universe. In Arkham Asylum, if you lose during the Bane fight, Bane then references his breaking Batmans back in the past.
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I think it's time we get Gotham. You could have something happen to make Gotham evacuated so we don't have Batman harassing civilians or running them over with the Batmobile.