Advanced AR Augmented Reality 1 and 3 Training the Definite method to beat it

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I wanted to help others who are still having problem with this or who are just starting to play the game, unfortunately the other thread with the same topics are all archived and I couldn't find out how to reply on them. They also are not mentioning the method I am about to describe here. Btw this is my Normal difficulty 1st playthrough.

So I tried the Advanced AR 1 maybe up to 50 times in maybe 2hrs lol i suck... I successfully did the 3rd training in my 3rd attempt without even needing to concentrate though.


I finally know that the CAMERA ANGLE when you DIVE and PULL UP is the KEY to WIN (WHY NOBODY MENTION THIS baffled me.. and thus I'm posting this)


Basically After you face the rings leap and glide... Go through the first green checkpoint, after 1.5 sec do the Dive hitting the 2nd and 3rd rings just at their closest edges. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE you tilt the camera angle DOWN fully facing the ground when you do this. PC: Use your MOUSE


Now... WHEN to release the Crouch/Dive button is rather IRRELEVANT at this point.. Just approximate it. I released mine around 1 sec after the 3rd ring


It is MORE Important to know how much you should bring UP the Camera from your initial Dive,

START LOW (face the camera just UNDER the tunnel entrance right when you release the Dive button) You should NOT see batman's Glide  RISE UP! He should either still glide downwards a little or just levelling

Now ONLY WHEN you see batman NOT RISING UP (Otherwise restart the challenge)....Smoothly but quickly - FINISH HIGH (PULL UP the camera Slightly! So as to not hit the ground!)


If you have done this correctly you should be INSIDE the tunnel. just level out (Tilt it back down again a little) using the CAMERA/Mouse.


Use the same exact method for the third Advanced AR training.. I even got the Challenge for maintain gliding above water less than 5m for 30m while completing this one.


Remember... it's the camera. If you keep your camera facing the FRONT.. batman WILL RISE UP... so face the camera angle DOWN and practice levelling it up AFTER you see batman NOT rising up.


Hope it helps thank you