Batman: Arkham City Lockdown - What a beautiful, intellegent...and BROKEN game we have here.

User Rating: 5 | Batman: Arkham City: Lockdown IOS

The game don't work. Oh...I take that back, sometimes it works. Alot of the time, it does not. I swear the game makers forgot that it was a "TOUCH SCREEN" that they were dealing with in regard to the controls. You see, when you touch the screen as instructed, something is supposed to actually happen. With this game, usually nothing happens as your Caped Crusader just stands there and gets shot in the head or racked with a pipe. Touch the icons to activate his "special" abilities...and again...nothing happens most of the time. If you touch them 4-5 times you may get them to respond, but by that time, you're dead.

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

The concept of this game is very good and it looks great. The fun, but fun only when the controls work.

Here's hoping that there is a way to "patch" the horrible responsiveness of the touch controls. Otherwise, what I just purchased was a great looking, broken game that will end up in my recyle bin