A must have game for Batman fans, addictive gameplay combined with a brilliant story

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
Batman: Arkham Asylum has to be on of the best games I've played. Gameplay makes you feel like you are actually batman, fights look like they have be choreographed for a film. The game looks good to from the characters to the locations. Gameplay is nicely mixed up from stealth section, to brawls and detective work. The game has a very dark and gritty feel, villains are menacing it's a million miles away from the camp days of batman villains.

Voice acting is superb, Mark Hamill is probably the best joker ever it is good to hear him continue this voice work. Voices are all as you'd expect many roles have been played by their voice actor before. It engaging waiting to see which villain will come up next, ones that don't make a physical appearance does feel like a shame, this doesn't dampen the game at all just can leave some fans disappointing not to see there favorite. The only characters who aren't portrayed in there true light is Bane, he is portrayed as a bulking idiot like shown in the film batman and robin, but actually Bane should be a very smart and tactical man. And Killer Croc, he was a disfigured man with croc like skin but the game shows him as a talking monster not a man though he does look cool. This is the only short coming of the character all the rest are how they are from the comics, the creators are clearly fans of the bat. There is also a fact file on hundred of batman characters that have left there mark on the asylum. Voice recording from patient interviews sheds more light on the characters and event prior to the game.

Boss battles have to be the weakest part of the game, mostly are just bigger brawls than normal this is a nice challenge but skilled plays will have no trouble. The fighting system is great, fights flow smoothly different classes of enemies are thrown in as you progress with make you have to alter your fighting styles.

Batman has a array of gadgets, each with sets of upgrades these can be used in combat situations, traveling ones and also to solve and find Riddler challenges. These challenges are fun side quests and some can be very puzzling, detective vision helps to solves these and answer maps are hidden around the asylum to. Detective vision is the most useful tool, it is actually to helpful it's more like a win button, if a puzzle stumps you viewing in this mode pretty much solves it.

The story is a good length with twists you won't work out what is going to happen and the mystery of what the joker is up to really sets the scene. The joker does steal the show he's the strongest character and is a pleasure to see on the screen.

There is a great hidden easter egg in the game, behind a hidden wall there are plans for arkum city which was a joy to know they where planning the sequel even then. Once you finish the game you can continue roaming around the island to solve riddler puzzles though once you've locked everyone up the game can feel empty. Lucky there is a challenge mode to so can still beat up bad guys. These are one of two types stealth and beat em ups. The stealth ones are great fun ones I've repeated again and again the fighting ones I didn't take so much of a shine to but that's personal preference.

This game is a joy to play, a lot of effort has been put into the game and it shows. This is one of the best games available and I really look forward to playing the sequel. If you don't check this game out you will be missing out on a great experience.