The greatest superhero game ever made, with only one flaw.

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3
To start off, was never a huge comic book fan as a kid. In fact, the only comic book series I actually read for more than 10 issues was... Batman. I spent quite a bit of my allowance when I was young in order to read about the adventures of the caped crusader, thus Batman is one of the only superheroes that I can really claim to have a nostalgic connection to. But whether or not you have ever even heard the name "Batman" is irrelevant. Buy. This. Game. This game will go down in history alongside the Metal Gear Solid series as one of the greatest stealth-action games ever made, and as everybody knows, stealth-action games are the best games. Here's the rub, if you like any of the following game components, then this game is for you:
Puzzle Solving
Arcade Action
Stealth Action
Story-Driven Adventure

Now to the story. The acting is superb, and Mark Hamil plays the part of the Joker with aplomb. The story is intriguing, but doesn't get in the way of the actual gameplay. It pulls off a delicate balancing act with near perfection between the two extremes (games with no story whatsoever, and games like Final Fantasy that are more story than anything else). The atmosphere at Arkham Asylum is also moody and dark without straying too far into a survival-horror style game. The graphics are quite good, though bland textures occasionally appear. The only problem I had with this game.. Well I lied, I have two problems, but one is just nitpicking. The nitpicking is that not getting to fight certain villians feels lame, but the boss fights are good as it is. The second is that you never get to drive the Batmobile or use any of Batman's awesome bat-themed vehicles. But I guess the developers had to save something for the next game.
The verdict: A game that is hovering between 9.5 and a 10.