The best batman game to date!...which isnt much since superhero games are usually terrible

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
in the title i put best batman game to date, not put best batman game ever like everyone else. how can it be the best game ever if you havent even seen all the games in future.

this is 2009 and provided the world doesnt end by 2012 like the media says it will...theres probably going to be more batman games

say eidos and rocksteady decide to make another batman game with better graphics, better combat, a longer story, online multiplayer, more of batmans enemies and an all around better game... well it looks like if arkham asylum gets a 9 for example then the new superlative game can only get an 8.9 because arkham asylum is THE BEST BATMAN GAME EVER CREATED!

the game itself though is solid, the combat is easy yet some what difficult to perfect, the stealth works well and the include plenty of side tasks along the way with riddlers puzzles

the only complaint i have with the game is that not matter how brutally you manhandle the enemies, they never actually die they just become unconcious which means they would eventually wake up and continue wrecking, i guess thats what you get with T rated games instead of M though

the game is definatley 9 out of 10 material ill agree with it only costs like $40, probably because its a single player only game, if it had online it would prbably go up to $60,65