Amazing game no doubt about it i give it 2 thumbs up

User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham Asylum X360
Batman Arkham Asylum is simply the most amazing game i have ever played the fighting is flawless, and the story mode is perfectly written in my oppinon i think that Rocksteady did an amazing job with the batman video game franchise.Of course there were a few flaws with the speech animations but this is easily the best batman game ever.This game has more of a sick twisted side of batmans enemies the standard edition is cool so ok you got the game so go play it, but the collectors is way better you get a 14 inch ingame design batarang thats pretty cool plus a bunch of other goodies like a doctors journel and its cool. So anyway the game is as cool and freakin amazing as The Dark Knight himself so i would highly reccomend this game to any Batman Fan or anyone who just thinks its cool or wants to try it out.