Batman Arkham Asylum: Couldn't Get enough of Scarecrow fights

User Rating: 9 | Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition) X360

This game was the start of a beautiful trilogy.

The combat was great, The sound effects made me lock onto my controller as i pounded criminal scum bags with batman's fists. The boss battles were great. I liked the scarecrow battles which were the heart of this game, the poison ivy battle was nice and the killer croc battle was okay. I just didn't like the bane and joker boss battles. The riddles were actually pretty addictive and rewarding with info and beating riddler. I wish there could have been extra missions and a whole dlc pack of scarecrow missions. The GOTY edition only came with 5 maps which was disappointing but i loved the scarecrow survival one. This game has alot of replay value and everyone deserves a chance to own this game. I'm currently beating the game my third time.

overall I rate this game a 92%