Love it or hate it, this game's got style.

User Rating: 9.5 | Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi GC
BATEN KAITOS - ORIGINS is definitely one of the best games I have ever played, and without a doubt the longest. From the very beginning, it engrosses you in a deep tale of warriors, loss, and redemption. Let me break it down for you in my first ever In-Depth Review:


Definitely the most defining feature of BKO, the odd card-based battles literally gives you access to thousands of different attack combinations. Deck micromanagement can bring the action to a standstill, and can be overly complex for those playing RPG's for the first time. This is not designed for newcomers. Beyond battle lies a fairly simple movement design. Control stick moves your character, A initiates conversion, and so on. Those who master battle tactics will be rewarded with a fun experience.


This takes actual character models into consideration only. Although good, the Char. Models lack greatness. They're still among the best in their class on the Gamecube.


Beautifully hand painted (or in one case, molded) backgrounds and character portraits give the game an epic, highly enjoyable look. Total eye candy for lovers of art.

SOUND- 9/10

Although I don't know whether the audio is computer based Midis or total orchestrations, the very fact that I can't tell one way or another speaks volumes about the quality. Although you're unlikely to remember them years from now, they'll set the tone for all of the game's events.

VALUE - 10/10

Two game discs. 60+ hours, minus subquests. Less than fifty bucks in most places. Enough said.

DIFFICULTY - Intermediate to Hard

Although fights can be brutally tough, a duo of perfectly implemented features (Full healing between battles and Retrying boss fights until you win or quit), greatly reduces frustration you may experience.

FUN FACTOR - 10/10

Even if BKO had RPG competition on the Gamecube, it would blow them all away. Some of my greatest gaming experiences were with this game. You may be put off by the battle system, but if you look past that, you'll find one of the Gamecube's best Third-Party games. Definite must buy (Rent it first if you're still unsure).

OVERALL SCORE - 9.5/10 (Not an Average)