out with the old, IN with the new!

User Rating: 9.8 | Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi GC
There is only one thing that i should tell you, this game is AMAZING! Your a spiriter named sagi...you will have to deal to assasinate the empire and later on about the evilness of the empire. Why beacuse they want all the place to become machina or machines, it is a process called promachination. This game has only 3 characters with such a cool and unique personality named guillo and milly. Yes only 3 of em but they have such an impressive cool moves it'll make you say WOW! oh and just buy this game and you will know how good this game is ok?

Graphics: 9/10
-The graphics is a little bit improved then the original game. The towns are still the same, that makes this kinda dull. There are also some new towns and dungeons you could explore. The new towns are suprisingly gorgeous. The graphics outstanding.

Gameplay: 10/10
-if you hate the gameplay of the original one and for fresh newcomers of the series. I tell you... this what makes this game OUTSTANDING! easily one of the best rpg gameplay i had ever played! With its flashy attacks and Cool Combo's! Theres a tons of cool special attacks, and tons of combo's such as relay combo's and burst. On the start you might not know how to play it well, but once you've progress to the game you'll get used to it and once you do, you will know why this gameplay makes it one of the best!

Sound: 9/10
-ok, i like the music so much. The music battle is so nice, very memorable! Not only that the background music soothes my heart, its very emotional, some music just rocks! All the musics have different cultural tones, it really sounds good. Wait till you hear le ali del principio and other musics, just to tell you its suprisingly good!

Lasting appeal: 9/10
- to tell you, its an 80+ hours which could make you busy for days! no not days... WEEKS or maybe month if you'd like too. There is still tons of things you could do. A very nice sidequest such as a coliseum wer you could battle different monsters and other stuffs.

Overall: 9/10
-If i mix everything up, i would love to tell you that if u hate using cards, just try this out. If you would love to play a new way much cooler gameplay then you must buy this. For all Gamecube owners still thirsty on rpg's, Baten kaitos Origins must be added to your collection!