This game really sets you for a great deal of strategic thinking.

User Rating: 7.5 | Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi GC
I've never played Baten Kaitos games before and they were in my closet for years. I got bored and thought: 'ah what the heck lets try this game that's been begging me to play out for a trip in the gamecube,' XD So I did and I got addictive -.-' The story is mostly predictable but they put like a curse on this game so that you want to know even more predictable things XD What got me stuck in the start was the really annoying battle system. I didn't understand anything of it and there were no battle introduction at all. So it got me figuring it out for like five hours :P I just kept on clicking cards and it worked so whatever, why spend time getting to know the system when it works when you just random click around the cards? Then I came to a boss and I needed to figure this **** out really fast -.- That's just one thing you should know 0_0 get to know the battle system and when you do...the game becomes one great enjoyable thing... :) For those who have a Wii and don't seem to find any good RPGs for the Wii, remember that gamecube games are still there and still work. The really great aspect of this game is that after you play a while, scenarios occur which take you back to some flasy dreamworld. You're spending time in the real world, figuring out what the 'afterlings' are and the dreamworld (which are very short scenes) keeps you wondering why the hell you get send there and who all those scary people are who call themselves your family -_-