Glittering Violet Moon

User Rating: 9 | Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi GC
I bought this game five or six years ago, but never got around to playing it until last month. I had several different games to play, including the original Baten Kaitos. I lended it out to a friend who lost the game until it resurfaced.
Since i had went through a lot of trouble of getting this game, it was never released in Europe i decided to give it a go.
So the gameplay is a bit different this time around. You still you cards in a real time/ turnbased battle system that's very unique. This time however you manage only one deck wich all characters use. There are only three party members. The story is set in the world of Baten Kaitos, only twenty years earlier. This game reuses a lot from the first game, most backgrounds and character models. these look very nice on the gamecube, but it's a lot of the same. Soundtrack is still very good with many old tracks in a new coat.
The story is about a boy named Sagi who is set up for the murder of the emperor and who sets out to clear his name. He teams up with his mechanical puppet Guilo and a sheltered school girl named Miliarde. There are many twists in the story and the voice-acting is great. It took me about seventy hours to beat this game but it can be done a lot faster. It depends on how many battles you fight. The more you fight, the more experience points you gather and the easier the bosses are. After these seventy hours i was kind of sad to say goodbye to Sagi and his friends and that's a great accomplishment for a videogame.