Baten Kaitos is a beautiful game but suffers from some laziness on the developers part

User Rating: 8 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
Baten Kaitos is a very attractive game
the art style in cities and on the world itself is amazing
it never gets old to look at
the combat is also very fun
many people didn't play this game because it uses "cards"
the "cards" in this game could just as easily be attacks or spells or something because it feels nothing like a card game at all and i didn't even have trouble seeing through the idea that they are cards
but this game does have some problems
first of all... the voices
honestly i think the voices were good.... they just weren't acted well... because they matched the characters great and actually the acting wasn't horrible all the time... the real problem was how they were recorded
it sounds like they recorded the voices with a mic through a speaker or something... it is pretty crappy
the voices didn't bug me to much
they just noticeably had problems
the real problem i had with the game was the enemies
now we all know how rpg's like to recycle enemies over and over and just make them look a bit different
but this game is horrible about it
half the time they don't even bother making them look different
you will fight an enemy as a boss at one point in the game
then see it as a normal enemy later on
that is extremely lazy if you cant even keep the bosses unique
all and all this game is definitely worth playing
i had a lot of fun with it even though the enemies got very repetitive