One of the GC's best RPGS.

User Rating: 9 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
I will try to review this game without really revealing any of the story elements.

Graphics: This game is beautiful. The pre-rendered backdrops are gorgeous some of the most inspired and beautiful backdrops in any games. The character models are not all that great. The special effects in the game are beautiful.

Sound: The voice acting is terrible. Luckily you are able to turn them off. No one song truly stands-out in this game. Not to say that the songs are bad, but none are truly memorable, except the battle music.

Gameplay: Strap in your seatbelts because this game will last you 40+ hours. Enter the world of Baten Kaitos a place where continents float in the sky, people have wings and almost any can have their "magnus essence" put into a card (to store and save for later). That makes stuff easier to carry doesn't it? Back on topic. You will also use these magnus card in combat. Yes you fight with cards!!! But these cards can carry the essence of swords and other types of weapons and armours and special attacks and healing items. It is actually kind of deep and there are a lot of cards to collect if you're into the whole OCD thing. Be prepared that you will spend a lot of time organizing everyone's deck.

Kalas- A young man out for revenge. He wants to kill a man that murdered his grandfather and brother. He eventually gets wound up into a more complex situation than he had hoped for.

Xelha- A mysterious girl. Out to stop the awakening of a wicked god.

Gibari- An ex-knight of Diadem turned fisherman. He joins Kalas and Xelha in order to stop the empire.

Lyude- A member of the Empire who is does not approve of the way the Empie has treated him and the rest of the world. He wants to win back his honor and the respect of his siblings, but he finds out there are more important things to get done.

Savyna- An ex-member of an elite squad of the empire.

The Great Mizuti-(can't reveal any information)

Any way. This game is awesome. There are many plot twist to keep you interested in the story and a modest amount of side-quest to keep going.

Not a lot of replay value, but not many RPGs are strong in this category.