Gorgeous visuals, cool gameplay, and some enormous plot twists are the source of polish in this game.

User Rating: 9.2 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
The Good: Innovative card combat; Absolutely brilliant visuals; The music is very appealing; A cast of colorful characters, each with their personal Weapon Magnus and special attacks; This game contains the most unbelievable & unothodox plot twist in RPG history...

The Bad: The combat can take a while to get used to, and the longetivity of battles can get frustrating; You can get pretty confused during battles because you have to keep your eye on everything that goes on; The story fails to deliver decent excitement until around Disc Two; The voice acting and the actual acting are awful and sometimes slow in delivery; Gibari looks too much like Wakka from FFX... Baten Kaitos is a card battle RPG for the GameCube, and ultimately compliments the powers but questions the depth. Does it have lasting power? Definitely.

Gameplay: It seems simple at first, but it gets more and more complicated as things go on. The magnus cards have elemental properties to them that put a twist on the gameplay. You need to watch the enemy's attacks to determine their element, and make sure that you don't use the opposite elements twice. You also have a set time limit to make actions, and some baddies attack too quickly for a response. This can be an annoyance, but the game's setup is brilliance. There's also a slight issue of needing to visit a church to level up, but this isn't THAT bad. There are also points of no return where you can't level up before a boss battle but you're warned beforehand. The story is a mixed bag. It's never compelling, and sometimes the characters even seem bored by the events going on. It's extremely cliche'd, but an EXCELLENT plot twist really gets things interesting. It's bizarre and unorthodox, but it's unbelievable how surprising you'll be. It's just a shame that this is one of a few moments that will really hook you with the plot.

Graphics: Beautifully prerendered backgrounds and characters. The setting REALLY gets you hooked.

Sound: Wonderful, folksy music that's stomped flat by god awful voices and acting. The voices are echoed, and the characters display very little emotion or personality. It's a shame. Value: If you like RPG's and want a twist, go for it. You'll love this game. The replay is limited, but the story is long. 50 hours required for any playthrough.

Tilt: I'm an RPG fan, and I love this game. It's up to you. Get it if you so choose. But, get the new Zelda first.