Just awesome

User Rating: 9.5 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
This is a one-of-a-kind RPG. Origins is waaaaay different. Both are probably two of the most unique RPGs I have ever played.

Though the battles are not as fast-paced as the prequel, they still require a strategic mind. Those poker combos make the battles so much easier. They're not really necessary, but if a boss is givin' you trouble and you're feeling lucky, pull out a sunrise straight 1 to 9 and take him down. I did that once. It's power level was over NINNNNE THOUUUSSSANNNND!!!!! Actually, it was over ten thousand but I just felt like putting that in there. Anyway, other than the battles, the puzzles are decent, some are hard to solve, but it doesn't stop the game from moving. Graphics are good. The battle graphics are fine. The cutscene graphics are iffy. Visuals are fantastic. It's like a Da Vinci or a Van Gough painting in the background, and the people visuals are great. It's just that they aren't very smooth, and that's where the point deductions come in. In my opinion, smoothness comes before visuals.

Music is phenominal. I don't think I've ever heard a better soundtrack. Only problem with sound is the voice acting. I've heard bad voice acting, but this takes the cake. I dunno if they had only, like, 50 people audition for the parts and only 50 were available. It just seems like they were barely even trying. Kalas and Savyna weren't terrible, but Giacomo was probably the best of them all. Only problem with him is that he mumbled too much. Problem with everyone else. They...........talked...........too............slowly. We have subtitles, so they could've talked a bit faster.

This game has a lot of side quests. I never did them because side quests aren't my thing. I might do them a second time through, but the first time, I want the storyline and that's it. Even doing the main quest alone took me 70 hours. Not kidding, it's that long. It's the longest one I've played. I've heard though, from this site and from many others, that Oblivion plays for 200 hours, which is insane. There's epic, and then there's Oblivion.

This game is awesome. I want to see more RPGs like this with smoother graphics and better voice acting. Keep the great storylines coming, and we've got ourselves a game.